Published Stories

I have had the following stories published.  Unfortunately not all are available anymore.  Where possible, I have republished those out of print on this site (or am in the process of doing so).

Writings from the Moorabool Writers Craft – 2017

I have a story in this anthology titled Eureka.
Available here

Writings from the People’s Republic of Moorabool

I have a story in this anthology, called: Family Resemblance.
Available from Amazon.


Swimming Pool

July 2011.  I have had a story published in the website POSTCARDS.  Click on the link above to find it.  I must assure you that, while the story is based on characters in my real life, the event is not true.


Cup Day

Published in LITBITS

LITBITS  was a wonderful e-zine for flash fiction. Unfortunately the zine is now closed and the website called “Litbits” has totally different content, which includes ads for Viagra.  It happens unfortunately; small-minded little pirates take over other peoples domain names and do nasty things to them.  My original domain was taken – so far nothing has been done to the site, but in time … who knows.

I had one story published on LitBits.  As you can no longer read it on the original site, I am posting it on this site.


More stories, published under the penname of

Alex Hogan


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